Barbara weeknd

Behind every beauty there is something tragic, if you do not love my demons do not try to get me out of my hell, is not really hard, I like colored stones, Christmas lights and black coffee as night, I can laugh because if and why not, and also for some reason, I remember what I want, and I do believe you forget what you want, I do not do anything, but I want it all, I want to travel, meet strange cities and lost in lonely alleys, I like the lyrics and the words, written more than anything else, also the music, especially with those voices that make you feel something strange, that send an electric shock every time I listen to it, is kind of corny but I like to see the stars every 5 days more than anything watch and observe the sky more beautiful to see them in a place away from civilization with the song-daughter love and no one with nothing to distract me and too much hate people but also no wings and also the welcome love me sometimes but only sometimes